Animal Care Internship

Students who are passionate about wildlife and seeking opportunities to assist in the care and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned, or sick species while working closely with professional rehabilitators are advised to submit your application for the latest Animal Care Internship. The significance of these internships in shaping one’s career and equipping individuals with the practical skills required to make a constructive contribution to the welfare of animals is well recognized.

By applying for the Animal Care internships, you will learn how to assess and treat various wildlife species, administer medications, and prepare them for release back into their natural habitats. In addition, interning in veterinary clinics allows you to work alongside veterinarians and technicians, gaining experience in pet health care, surgical procedures, diagnostics, and client communication. Whether you aspire to work with wildlife, domestic animals, or in veterinary medicine, we have internship opportunities to suit your interests. So apply now!

Wildlife Internship Paid Summer Program

Wildlife Internship

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Vet Internship Summer Program

Vet Internship

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